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A natural gas leak occurs when a pipeline becomes damaged, therefore contaminating your living area and the environment. A gas leak can be extremely dangerous when exposed to flame or sparks and could potentially start a fire or explode.

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  • Fire or explosion

  • Possible death

  • Harm to animals

  • Dying trees & lawn

If you believe that you may have a gas leak in your home or commercial property, you must first evacuate the area then call your electric or gas company to have the gas turned off. Your gas company sends a licensed plumber to your place of residence to locate and repair the cause of the leak.

What is a gas leak?

Determine if you have a gas leak

Results of a gas leak

Steps to take if you believe you have a gas leak

Protect your home and family from a dangerous gas leak

Call a licensed plumber


The presence of a gas leak does not come with a typical gas smell, but rather the smell of rotting eggs or a skunk smell. If you believe you may have a gas leak, it is best to evacuate the area immediately.