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There are signs to look for if you feel you may have a leak in your slab, such as the sound of running water when the water is turned off, a hot spot on the floor, cracks in the walls or flooring, mildew or excessive moisture under carpets.

If you are experiencing any signs of a slab leak, you should call us immediately. Not fixing your leak right away could cause expensive damage to your home or commercial property.

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  • Mold

  • Odor

  • Replacement of carpet or flooring

  • Foundation destruction

Minor or major cracks or holes can be found in the pipes located underneath the foundation of your home. We specialize in locating all the problematic areas in the pipes of your home and will repair or replace them so that you can avoid more damage.

Signs that you have a slab leak

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Result of untreated leaks

How we repair a slab leak

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